Workforce self-service

Enable employees to remotely complete tasks, and monitor and maintain their information via the mobile app or Web client, featuring actionable dashboards. Provides one intuitive system for users to manage contact details, training & development, availability, holiday entitlement, leave requests and payments.


FireWatch sends me shift requests, lets me book on and off duty, provides access to my personal data, enables me to submit leave for approval, and view qualification and training course details – all from home or on-the-move using the mobile app or Web client. I can also book on and off duty using the FireWatch Microsoft Teams app.

Key benefits

Remote booking

Our availability service enables firefighters to directly book on and off duty, and change availability status via our mobile app, SMS, Web client, Teams app and other channels – with an alert function to notify managers of potential crewing impacts.

FireWatch Mobile App
FireWatch Self Service

Mobile working

Our mobile app and Web client provide personal and team performance dashboards, shift marketplace tools to fill resource gaps, and other data and tasks. Managers can see at-a-glance cumulative geographical views of current and future availability via map-based crewing analysis.

Firefighters used to have to come into the station to actually strike their name through on a piece of paper to book off or on. Whereas with retained availability, it's given them much more flexibility, so remotely they can just very easily book on or off.

- Jacqueline Morris - FireWatch Project Manager, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service