Senior management

Supporting the large-scale migration away from stand-alone departmental software and silos, towards connected systems and teams. It’s time for a more integrated, co-ordinated approach within Fire & Rescue.

Senior manager

FireWatch connects human resource, skills and assets to give me the complete picture of my organisation across all functions – from emergency response to targeted preventative work. Now I always have a real-time, accurate view of resource and performance.

Key benefits

Integrate teams & processes

FireWatch supports efficient working by co-ordinating cross-departmental processes and removing duplicate data entry. Integrated information, and real-time awareness of posts, contracts, roles, skills, availability and vehicles, deliver a live view of your organisation.

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The latest, specialist tech

FireWatch is built using the latest tools and tech by our skilled team – who’re accredited to Microsoft Gold Partner level, follow ISO processes, and have decades of expertise in delivering mission-critical solutions to Fire & Rescue.

Actionable dashboards

FireWatch enables intuitive, role-based navigation through a targeted User Interface, presented as interactive KPI dashboards. Graphical displays empower managers to act on key status and trend data – helping them reduce risk and improve safety.

FireWatch Self Service Dashboard

Technology & support

Cloud & Saas

Our core applications can be deployed as fully-managed Microsoft Azure Cloud services, or traditional on-premise solutions.

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FireWatch integrates with leading Fire & Rescue mobilisation, payroll, SMS gateways and pager solutions. It also connects to Prevent + Protect, which helps teams intelligently plan, target, deliver and analyse prevention and protection work.

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