Prevention and protection

Reduce risk with Prevent + Protect – our workflow enabled case, CRM, and task management software for prevention and protection. One central, connected data repository for premises, contacts, organisations, hydrants, operational risk, and prevention and protection.

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Prevention & protection group manager

Prevent + Protect helps me efficiently target resources based on workload, premise risk, vulnerable occupants and other data – so I can plan and manage our prevention and protection work more effectively. Plus, when it’s integrated with FireWatch, I can automatically see previous incident records.

Key benefits

Empowering teams

Prevent + Protect lets employees work more efficiently in and out of the office – and helps managers allocate jobs and monitor team performance. Includes automated workflow, actionable KPI dashboards, reporting, document version control and intelligent, risk-based campaign planning.

Prevent + Protect - empowering prevention and protection teams

Mobile working and data

Reduce risk by providing mobile access to intuitive dashboard-based views of operational premise risk and integrated hydrant status. Employees can remotely access and complete prevention and protection jobs using tablets or other suitable devices. Also offers a mobile app, Microsoft Teams app and integration with O365.

It allows our business support to have that integrated solution to scheduling jobs, it links directly to our advocates and CFP inspectors, outlook calendars, allowing for that smooth pathway in relation to incoming jobs and outgoing jobs.

- Dan Moss - Prevention & Protection Group Manager