Intelligent response

FireWatch supports intelligence-led resource planning and decision-making – a crucial part of incident management. It provides vital organisation status and projection data to assist with forward planning, and inform critical, real-time emergency response.

Control group manager

FireWatch applies underlying intelligence and business rules so that I can see at-a-glance which resources and vehicles are available, then selectively alert crew and allocate shared resources to support attribute-based mobilisation.

Key benefits

Mobilisation system integration

Live and bi-directional integration with mobilisation systems provides dispatch teams with accurate, real-time skills, resource and appliance availability data – for intelligent response.

FireWatch System Graphic
FireWatch Intelligent Response

Automatic updates

Where fluctuations in availability status occur due to changes to skills, asset defects, contracts or crewing – whether submitted from the mobile app, Teams app, Web, SMS or other channels – they’re reflected automatically in the mobilisation system.

The complete picture

FireWatch enables Control to view and monitor real-time KPI and availability data, with alerts triggered by resource issues and gaps. Plus, operational risk data from Prevent + Protect is also available.

FireWatch - Intelligent Response

It gives a huge benefit in ensuring that we have the right people, in the right place with the right skills to man appliances as we need them.