Health and safety

With the health and wellbeing of your staff paramount, FireWatch gives you a complete, secure picture of your workforce safety and performance, and integrates with HR, assets and availability – with dashboards and reports included.

Health & safety manager

FireWatch delivers the data and reports I need to track and manage health and safety incidents as an electronic case file, and supports occupational health – so I can really focus on reducing risk and ensuring excellent staff welfare.

Key benefits

Health & safety

Record cause for concern, near misses, ill health, PI, equipment failure and vehicle accident events. And link events to sickness, assets or incidents to understand trends and impacts by analysing the complete picture.

FireWatch for Health and Safety

Occupational health

Securely manage encrypted medical records and vaccinations, plus, support lifestyle assessments and welfare visits.

FireWatch was able to accurately pick up that medicals had expired and people hadn’t been re-invited for their medical appointment. It's not only about keeping the community safe but keeping our firefighters safe too.

- Jacqueline Morris - FireWatch Project Manager, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service