Availability management

Provides down-to-the-minute organisation status generated via real-time HR, availability and vehicle data – with actionable dashboards and reporting included. Also supports traditional, flexible and self-rostering work patterns, and provides a ‘shift marketplace’ for advertisement and fulfilment of shortages.

Watch manager

FireWatch removes duplication and provides accurate, easy-to-understand cross-departmental data so I always know which vehicles and people are available – with the correct equipment and skills for the job at hand.

Key benefits

Workforce management

Firefighters can remotely book on and off duty via the FireWatch app, Web or SMS – with support for roaming availability and alerts if crewing impacts result. Supports multiple exception notifications based on changes to vehicle, qualifications or resource impacts.

FireWatch App and Mobile Web Client
FireWatch Availability Map

Availability map

Our real-time, web-based geographical map view of resources and assets presents dynamically changing, strategic information to managers in an intuitive format – plus, can integrate with mobilisation systems.

The main benefit to Leicestershire is the single point of entry, which avoids duplication of effort and gives a single view of the service and crewing availability at any one point in time.

- Chris Rogers, FireWatch co-ordinator, Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service

Technology & support

Cloud, SaaS & mobile

Our solutions can be deployed as a fully-managed service via the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Our Web client, mobile app and Microsoft Teams app let users access key features from Smart devices.


FireWatch integrates with leading Fire & Rescue mobilisation, payroll SMS and pager solutions, and our Prevent + Protect software. It also integrates with core Microsoft solutions.

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