Assets and fleet

Efficiently plan and manage assets and fleet, including sites, buildings, PPE and other areas. Connects to appliance availability and supports servicing, standardised tests and fuelling of fleet and operational assets. Integration with scanning and audit processes - including via mobile app.

Asset & fleet manager

FireWatch empowers me to efficiently plan, manage and track PPE, buildings, fleet and other assets, so crews have everything they need. My team can also perform testing, audits, scan, defect and track assets with the mobile app.

Key benefits

Asset management

Supports efficient planning and management of multiple asset types. Also integrates with operational availability views, HR records and health & safety events to provide visibility of key resource impacts. Support for asset testing, auditing and defecting via mobile app.

Fleet management

Delivers a complete picture of fleet status, supporting efficient management of vehicle data, availability, servicing, fuelling and auditing.