MS integrations and apps

FireWatch offers integrations with key Microsoft technologies, including Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity management, for seamless and multi-factor authentication options, and via our Teams App for collaboration and teamworking.

FRS integrations

Key benefits

Microsoft Teams

Enables users to receive notifications, perform searches and complete actions within Teams - including booking on and off duty, with notification of crewing exceptions sent to managers. Our 'Bot' can respond to conversational questions and commands, simplifying user training and enhancing our flexible User Experience (UX) options.

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Go mobile

With our Microsoft Teams mobile-optimised App you can interact with FireWatch from anywhere, anytime. Users can stay connected and have access to the same tasks and functionality from their mobile and tablet devices.

Microsoft Azure

FireWatch provides Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity management for seamless and multi-factor authentication options, ensuring secure and convenient access for your users.

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