Mobile app and Web client

With our mobile app and Web client, users can access key FireWatch functions from anywhere, anytime using smart devices - empowering your mobile workforce to stay connected and achieve more. We also have a Microsoft Teams app that integrates with FireWatch.

Key benefits

FireWatch mobile app

Provides one integrated app for workforce self-service, including booking on/off duty, geofencing/roaming availability, plus employee and management workflows with 'push' integration for shift requests, leave and training. Also supports standardised testing, defecting and auditing for asset management. Plus, there's a Microsoft Teams app.

Teams app and MS integrations

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Web client

Actionable, intuitive dashboard-driven interface. Offers role-based navigation of FireWatch through targeted KPI displays, empowering managers to act on key status and trend data to reduce risk and improve safety.

The FireWatch Web client and mobile app are great tools for us, offering KPI views for managers that they can directly action, and allowing staff to do a lot of things directly from their mobile phone or other devices. This really strengthens what we can achieve as a Service.