FRS integrations

FireWatch offers an integrated suite of modules for a complete picture of your FRS. It can also connect to Prevent + Protect, mobilisation, payroll, e-learning, and third-party messaging gateways. Multiple systems use standard FW data file outputs, as well as direct live Web Service interfaces with solutions such as NEC Vision, Critico, Oracle Cloud, Learning Pool, and others.

Microsoft integrations

Key benefits

Intelligent response

Drive intelligent response through bi-directional integration capabilities with Control systems, using real-time feeds from FireWatch source data on availability, vehicles and skills to underpin mobilisation decisions – and then automatically update FireWatch with live incident data.

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Join up prevention & protection

Connect emergency response with prevention and protection activities – via Prevent + Protect – creating a continuous feedback loop that provides risk-driven analysis of premises based on incident feeds from control systems. Can provide dashboard-based risk views from an integrated CRM database.

Integrate teams & processes

Integration across modules means data is held and maintained in a single place, and shared with all touchpoints. This reduces risk, eliminates duplication, and eradicates silos and information gaps to give you a true, minute-to-minute picture of your organisation.

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Seamlessly pass payment data to payroll

Automatically output complex FireWatch payment calculations to generic payroll systems to reduce admin overhead, duplication and errors – and enable Fire & Rescue and local authorities to stay on shared platforms.