Hydrant Management

14:00-15:00 (UK) – Thursday, 06 June

Online - Hydrants Webinar

Register for our Hydrant Management Webinar, June 06, 14:00-15:00 (UK)

Register for our Webinar and see first-hand how your FRS could transform hydrant management. Key highlights:

  • Interact with P+P software via Web, Mobile/Tablet App and Microsoft 365
  • Manage jobs, defects, orders, inspections, repairs, mains, schemes and other areas on a single integrated Cloud platform in Microsoft Azure
  • Comprehensive mapping capabilities are essential for measuring distances, plotting hydrants, swiftly recording usage, and highlighting regions with inadequate water supply
  • The mobile app for field workers facilitates job completion offline, offers route planning features, and integrates GPS and camera functionality
  • Actionable dashboards for individuals and teams, SLAs, batch job generation and targeting, repeat inspection planning, and Outlook integration are features that streamline activities
  • Standard data views and mechanisms to support data download and synchronisation with MDTs to ensure access to accurate information

NB: The Webinar is for fire and rescue services only. We reserve the right to deny access where we believe there is a risk to IP or to protect our commercial interests.

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