09:30-11:00 (UK) – Wednesday, 22 November, 2023

Online - FireWatch Webinar

Register for our FireWatch Webinar, November 22, 09:30-11:00 (UK)

Efficiently plan and manage resources with the latest FireWatch features – including live incident response tracking, with ETA

• Station availability totalling, surplus and deficit resource highlighting – improving resource planning
• The ability to drag-and-drop resources to other stations – providing flexible, easy-to-use allocation tools
• Resource request workflow and notifications via App/’Push’, SMS and email
• Live tracking of on-call firefighter response via a map-based Incident Response screen – with real-time monitoring and ETA
• Automatic triggering of push notifications to relevant staff following a detachment being made – ensuring instant visibility of availability status
• Crewing Boost feature, increasing overall vehicle availability and removing manual calculations – allowing you to merge station resources and see the impact on vehicle availability
• Vehicle availability percentage dashboards so you can track performance at all times
• Standard HMIFRS vehicle availability reporting
• Integration, and other workflows and capabilities, across HR, Health & Safety, Skills and Assets


NB: The Webinar is for fire and rescue services only. We reserve the right to refuse registration for commercial reasons.

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