Surrey Fire and Rescue ‘go live’ with new FireWatch solutions – including replacement of Rappel

Posted on: 7th March 2023

Surrey Fire and Rescue ‘go live’ with FireWatch solutions that target greater agility, increase visibility of resources and enable more flexible working

Infographics are pleased to announce that Surrey Fire and Rescue Service has gone live with its latest programme of FireWatch-driven technology innovation.

The project provides anytime, anywhere access for its FRS users, including their ‘On Call’ Fire Fighters and Managers, increases real-time visibility of availability and resources, and integrates live data with the joint control room.

The programme included several key areas:

  • Rollout of the FireWatch Mobile App;
  • Migration from a previous legacy system (Rappel) to the FireWatch fire service management suite for managing on-call availability;
  • And – as part of that migration – the deployment of the FireWatch Mobilisation Interface within Surrey’s shared emergency control room and Capita Vision mobilisation system.

Head of Data, Digital and Special Projects at Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, Sally Wilson, said:

“Ensuring that we have advanced, flexible and accurate technology is key for our service. We have worked closely with Infographics to ensure that FireWatch is exactly what we need to increase the visibility of available resources and people to keep residents safe.”

FireWatch Mobile allows users to directly manage data and tasks for time/availability, leave, skills, training, assets and other areas via smart devices. It also enables supervisors and team members to understand the impact of resource changes and to manage and act on any issues or deadlines highlighted within their personalised Key Performance Indicators displayed ‘on screen’. This includes workflow-driven resource request and fulfilment processes to address gaps in cover.

The App can also deliver benefits for an FRS as a whole, offering a flexible self-service capability for all contract types and staff.

Migrating to FireWatch for on-call availability has given Surrey Fire and Rescue Service a ‘complete picture’ of availability across wholetime and on-call staff – increasing visibility and efficiency across the employee planning and management process.

The deployment of the FireWatch Mobilisation Interface now ensures an accurate view of real-time availability, skills and asset status across the Service, which is directly integrated with emergency dispatch operations within the control room.

Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, said:

”It has been fantastic to work with Surrey Fire and Rescue on their project, and deliver to the end users a major step forward in their User Experience (UX) versus their previous on-call availability platform, as well as wider, flexible self-service capabilities and live integrated resource information within control.”

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