West Sussex Fire & Rescue Go Live with FireWatch Capita Vision Integration

Posted on: 10th December 2019

West Sussex FRS is now live with the latest integration between the Capita Vision mobilisation solution and control platform, and the FireWatch Cloud. By connecting the two solutions, West Sussex can now automatically share intelligent vehicle availability data between systems, and remove manual processes.

FireWatch calculates vehicle availability to the minute, derived from live HR, contract/role, employee availability, qualifications, physical vehicle availability and other fully connected and integrated data and modules.

When anything changes, FireWatch pushes updated vehicle availability status in real-time to the Capita Vision Mobilisation system. The system takes into account shared resources across vehicles, priority levels and skill-derived attributes and incident types, rather than a simple on/off ‘the run’, and provides that live status to Capita Vision and control room staff.

With the integration between FireWatch cloud and Vision now live, West Sussex FRS has:

  • An intelligent, connected mobilisation process
  • Integration across data, back office teams and front office operational staff
  • Flexible cloud-based access from any location via a browser
  • A highly resilient fault-tolerant Cloud architecture based on Microsoft Azure

This latest project follows other FireWatch clients successfully going live with their own mobilisation system interfaces and FireWatch Cloud.

The wider project also includes Surrey Fire & Rescue, who will migrate and go live on the same shared Cloud platform and Capita Vision joint mobilisation interface in a subsequent phase.

Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, said:

“We are delighted to announce the West Sussex FRS ‘go live’ of the Capita Vision and FireWatch Cloud integration. Over the coming months, we will be making further announcements as additional clients follow this same pathway.”

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