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West Sussex and Surrey Fire and Rescue agree joint move to Infographics’ FireWatch Cloud

Posted on: 4th July 2019

Infographics today announced a joint collaboration between West Sussex and Surrey Fire and Rescue as part of their move to a fully managed Cloud delivery and maintenance model, with FireWatch on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The new FireWatch Cloud solution, underpinned by Microsoft Azure, will provide them with flexible and remote access to their FireWatch fire service management system, including full management and upgrades.

It will also deliver a live integration with Surrey and West Sussex Fire and Rescue’s Capita Vision mobilisation solution and control platform.

Jon Lacey, Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Acting) West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, said:

“The opportunity to work in collaboration with Infographics and Surrey Fire and Rescue Service will transform the way we mobilise our assets to emergency incidents and provide improved support to our teams across our service. Working in collaboration enables us to become more effective and efficient as a service and provides exciting future opportunities to develop our service together.”

The FireWatch Cloud solution will provide a range of benefits to both Fire and Rescue Services, including a connected application for:

  • Real-time integrated HR, Payments, Training & Development, Fleet and Availability
  • Employee self-service from a single platform
  • Vehicle-level availability status based on resource needs and priority – calculated to-the-minute
  • Graphical County-wide Availability Map status and change notifications of the same data
  • Mobile-optimised client, with booking on/off duty facility and real-time status views
  • SMS-based workflows and booking on/off duty processes with crewing exception notifications for managers

In parallel with their migration to the FireWatch Cloud, both West Sussex and Surrey Fire and Rescue are moving to a joint control operation. Infographics will implement their standard FireWatch and Capita Vision mobilisation interface as part of this project.

The first phase will extend their connected ‘complete picture’ of operations provided by FireWatch to the Mob system, by pushing out live resource, skills and asset data as changes occur.

As a next stage, Infographics existing extended Mob interface option will deliver the bi-directional interface, with FireWatch processing live incident data from Capita Vision in addition to providing a ‘closed loop’. This will also enable further streamlining of processes around time and attendance, and pay and maintenance of competency – with event-related processes initiated automatically in the FireWatch system.

Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, said:

“We are delighted to announce further new clients of our FireWatch Cloud offering and standard Mobilisation interfaces. We are hopeful we will be announcing multiple further contracts of a similar nature in the coming weeks and months. The benefits of the specialist, connected Fire Service Management platform, providing our clients with the ‘big picture’ of their operations are clear and compelling.”

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