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Infographics supports Royal Berkshire FRS to streamline Thames Valley Fire Control

Posted on: 7th May 2019

Infographics today announced it has successfully streamlined and enhanced the mobilisation processes used by Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) within the Thames Valley Fire Control Service.

By integrating FireWatch and Capita Vision, RBFRS can now automatically share intelligent vehicle availability data between systems, and remove manual processes.

This latest phase builds on work undertaken as part of the wider deployment of Infographics’ FireWatch Fire Service Management platform, which connects RBFRS’ data, back office teams and front office operational staff to deliver a ‘complete picture’ of live organisation status.

The integration provides a level of live, connected management information and increased efficiency not achievable with separate silo systems. The result is a reduction in administration and enhanced mobilisation process within Thames Valley Fire Control Service.

The FireWatch-to-Capita Vision integration includes sharing directly via FireWatch this information, and the impact of live changes on vehicle needs and availability, with data coming from across the following areas:

• Real-time, integrated HR, Training, Fleet and Availability
• Vehicle level availability status based on resource needs and priority calculated to-the-minute
• Graphical County-wide Availability Map status and change notifications of the same data
• Mobile-optimised client, with booking on/off duty facility and real-time status views
• SMS-based workflows and booking on/off duty processes with crewing exception notifications for managers

RBFRS plan to deploy Infographics’ latest version of the FireWatch Capita Vision interface as part of a future FireWatch upgrade. This will deliver a bi-directional interface, with FireWatch processing live incident data from Capita Vision to provide a ‘closed loop’. It will also further streamline processes around time and attendance, and pay and maintenance of competency with event-related processes initiated automatically in the FireWatch system.

Jim Powell, Area Manager for Service Delivery at RBFRS said:

“Through the integration of our FireWatch and Capita Vision systems, we have streamlined some of the ways that data is shared and used in the organisation.

“We are committed to investing in information and communication technology that helps to improve the efficiency and resilience of our Service. This will help us to deliver a more effective service to the communities we serve.”

Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, said:

“We are delighted to have assisted Royal Berkshire to successfully deliver this project. By working closely with multiple UK Fire Services and Capita to provide a standard set of bi-directional Mobilisation interfaces, we are able to enhance further the operations of our customers.

“FireWatch already connects departmental data, teams and processes to provide an integrated and accurate ‘big picture’ of resources and status. This same pre-calculated and integrated data is now available to Capita Vision and other Mobilisation systems, and the collection and processing of event-related data can also be greatly streamlined in the other direction.”


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