System Integration & Collaboration


FireWatch enables greater collaboration and an integrated approach

Historically, Fire and Rescue Services have followed an approach of each internal department purchasing solutions for their own function, often resulting in a very disconnected environment.

In reality, the functions and tasks being performed by these departments are actually all part of common processes to fulfil resourcing requirements and, we believe, should not be viewed or enacted in isolation.

Eliminate 'silo' working practices

FireWatch® is an integrated suite of modules designed to eliminate 'silo' working practices and increase collaboration across teams and departments.

Key benefits are: joined-up processes, people, information and systems - enabling the Fire and Rescue Service to create one enterprise-wide environment for efficient resource management.

Using our complementary FloSuite product suite, we can also support integration of other existing FRS systems and processes, and offer focused solutions for areas such as hydrants management, employee self-service and fire prevention/fire protection.

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