Improve Data Quality

Improve -data -quality

FireWatch helps improve data quality

Quality, real-time management information drawn from accurate data underpins the ability to make effective strategic decisions.

Being able to provide the right management information, in a timely manner, to senior staff is a challenge that all business and organisations face - not just the Fire and Rescue Service.

But in emergency services the stakes are clearly very high if those driving the organisation forward at policy and senior operational level cannot access this essential resource.

Real-time picture of organisation status

FireWatch® provides access to real-time data on availability of resources, and supports reporting across core departmental areas, including staffing levels/availability, recruitment, training and development, payments, health and safety, occupational health, and assets such as PPE, fleet and buildings.

Where appropriate, the system also stores information once and reuses and updates the view of that data in multiple areas to improve accuracy as well as efficiency.

This ensures that senior managers are looking at a true picture of their organisation, and also helps them to meet compliance and Government reporting requirements.

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