Resource Planning & Management

FireWatch - an integrated resource management suite for fire & rescue

FireWatch® is an Enterprise Resource Planning & Management software solution that enables Fire and Rescue Services to streamline and integrate their operations across multiple departments.

It does so by providing within one integrated product suite the tools and real-time information needed to orchestrate 'joined-up' management of people, assets, skills and availability planning at an enterprise level.

FireWatch also supports the planning & management of emergency response, and collaboration with partner agencies for mobilisation and other functions.


Fire Watch _Diagram



Why take the FireWatch approach?

Within the Fire and Rescue Service, there has been a large-scale migration away from purchasing stand-alone departmental packages to instead seeking solutions which support a more integrated, co-ordinated approach.

As the market-leading product for resource planning and management, around one third of all UK Services now use FireWatch to support their operations and deliver a range of clear benefits:

Key FireWatch benefits

  • Management oversight and control of organisation status on a minute-to-minute basis
  • Facilitate increased departmental collaboration and inter-agency joint working
  • Reduce cost and risk, and increase operational efficiency
  • Tools and data needed to help ensure compliance with reporting requirements

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Key FireWatch functions

FireWatch modules can be fully integrated to co-ordinate working practices across the enterprise, supporting the efficient and co-ordinated management of:

  • Staffing levels/availability planning & management
  • Recruitment, training and development
  • Salary calculations and payments
  • Health and safety
  • Occupational health
  • Management of assets such as PPE, fleet and buildings

The system's integrated and in-built awareness of posts, contracts, roles and skills can dynamically provide real-time updates and insight into the impacts on availability information.

In addition to operational planning benefits, this integrated approach is becoming a key enabler to effective mobilisation implementation projects.

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Complementary Fire & Rescue solutions

We also offer complementary solutions, built on the FloSuite® Business Process and Case Management platform, which support:

Fire Prevention and Protection

Hydrants Management

Workflow and system integration

FireWatch Architecture

FireWatch is built using a modern, multi-tier architecture that divides application code between database, business logic and front-end user interface, as shown in the diagram below:

FireWatch _Architecture _Diagram

FireWatch supports the latest available Microsoft® server operating platforms. Infographics has received accreditation for FireWatch in relation to Microsoft Windows Server®, Microsoft SQL Server®, Windows®, and Microsoft Office®.

In addition, Infographics has as a company been accredited by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for Application Development and Application Lifecycle Management.