Prevention & Protection

A Web-delivered solution for community and commercial fire safety

Prevent + Protect utilises our case, customer relationship, workflow and task management platform to help mobile community and commercial fire safety teams meet risk and prevention targets.

It now includes support for enforcements, prosecutions, prohibition orders, short and long technical audits, petrol licensing, home fire safety visits, 'safe and well' programmes, and other health/welfare interventions.

Staff can take the solution 'offline', securely accessing contact and case data, and completing jobs on mobile devices using downloaded work packets, 'whilst 'in the field' on site visits.


 Prevent _Protect _Diagram5



It will empower employees to work more effectively in and out of the office, providing them with:

  • Automated workflow, KPI dashboards and customisable reporting
  • Document assembly, production, management and version control
  • In-built audit and questionnaire-based data collection
  • Continued access to important contact and relationship data  - with additional security protection for sensitive information
  • Work synchronisation on return to the office/once re-connected
  • Campaign planning and management based on risk profiling
  • Best practice-driven workflows and business rules

Key functions & benefits

  • Provide a single case/customer relationship management solution for multiple job types/teams
  • Improve job scheduling, allocation and management - including Outlook 'push' task notifications based on workflows, and Exchange calendar integration
  • Use new campaign management features to plan, analyse and record performance against a target list and related objectives
  • Increase efficiency via a comprehensive online/Web and offline working environment - eliminating data re-entry/duplication, and delivering many features beyond audit/questionnaire completion
  • Provide short and long 'audit logic' to boost efficiency and reduce cost of commercial/technical fire protection jobs
  • Automate document assembly to further improve the efficiency and quality of service provided
  • Reduce risk by giving staff continued, secure access to sensitive essential data when online and offline
  • Protect the public and operational fire crews through effective delivery of campaigns and targets
  • Collaborate with partner agencies in policing, health and social care via system and data integration capabilities, and utilise NLPG data
  • Enable managers to generate Government reports, utilise CFOA register exports, and monitor KPIs to improve performance

Want to learn more?

Prevent + Protect is a standalone solution marketing under the FireWatch brand and does not require other FireWatch elements to be implemented.

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