Hydrants Management


Hydrants management solution for Fire & Rescue Services

Hydrants Management supports the management and maintenance of water hydrants from start to end of life-cycle within a Web-delivered case management solution. It helps manage and co-ordinate the people, tasks, resources, data and reporting requirements associated with this function.

Key functions:

  • Set up routine/private inspections of hydrants, and record the results
  • Record hydrant defect details
  • Assess, move and reconnect existing hydrants
  • Install and monitor mains replacements
  • Create new hydrants
  • Edit existing hydrant details (location, status, inspection records, general information)
  • Create and manage orders linked to jobs (e.g. a repair order linked to a hydrant defect job)
  • Support new schemes/developments – record details of proposals and associated new hydrants; manage subsequent phases of proposals and track via an audit trail; generate standard letters using associated contact and hydrant details
  • Email job details/tasks to technicians
  • Manage contacts and relationships for associated organisations and roles – e.g. water officers, technicians, developers, water authorities, etc.
  • Manage payment processes and re-charging for works carried out
  • Integrate with GIS for hydrant mapping
  • Generate and manage documents – automate document generation based on templates, upload documents against a job, check in/out documents and maintain an audit trail
  • Flexible/extendable top-level Web console which allows pre-configured searches to be carried out for jobs/contacts, or powerful custom searches to be configured by the user
  • Administration Web console allows system administrators to configure the users who have access to the application and their roles/user privileges

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