Emergency Response

Fire _emergency _response

Supporting the effective planning and management of emergency response

A key way in which our FireWatch solution delivers value to Fire and Rescue Services is by supporting more effective resource planning and decision-making. Nowhere is this more crucial than in the context of emergency response.

FireWatch supports this function by:

  • Providing vital data to assist with advance availability planning, enabling service availability levels to be met
  • Informing critical, real-time emergency response decisions required as a result of mobilisation activities and up-to-the-minute resource availability changes

Mobilisation system integration

FireWatch can integrate live and bi-directionally with Mobilisation Systems using our standard ‘pull’ and ‘push’ Web Service interfaces to provide the people making dispatch decisions with accurate, real-time skills, resource and appliance availability information within the system they already use.

FireWatch can also, in return, receive a live picture of incidents and their impact on availability from the Mobilisation System via our ‘Event’ Web Service Interface.

Where changes in FireWatch occur due to updates to skills/competency, or based on fleet defects, contract changes or availability changes that may be submitted by staff via the Web, text and other self-service channels, these can be automatically reflected in the Mobilisation System.

FireWatch therefore enables Control teams to view and monitor real-time KPI and availability data both in their Mobilisation Solution and via our own refreshing Geographical Regional Availability Map and Station Views, with alerts being triggered where there are resourcing issues and gaps, and an audit of vehicle and station state changes made available in a log.

3rd party mobilisation and availability systems

  • FireWatch’s standard APIs have been integrated with by a variety of suppliers including Capita Vision, Systel and others.
  • FireWatch additionally has bi-directional interfaces with Capita PageOne to provide mobile, pager and telephony integration as part of our Availability Management capabilities

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