FireWatch Testimonials

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue

Project Manager, Steve McLinden

"Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service are targeting process and system efficiencies as part of their ‘Transformation 2020 programme’ and FireWatch stood out as a key enabler to deliver greater integrated working and quality performance data across the organisation. The system will support planned new ways of working and increase electronic processes and workflow through its integrated specialist modules."

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue

John Foolkes, Business and Commercial Safety Manager

“We selected Infographics’ [Prevent + Protect] solution for its innovative approach, which will significantly enhance our fire safety enforcement team’s ability to work remotely and effectively when auditing and advising business on fire safety issues.”

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

John Cook, ACFO, Planning, Prevention & Protection

“The prevention and protection solution provided by Infographics delivered the capabilities we needed to more efficiently manage both our community safety and fire safety work within a single integrated case, workflow and customer relationship management system and has allowed us to extend this to support our operational risk activities. We have a complete electronic record of contacts, premises, relationships, tasks and jobs and can plan, allocate, complete and report on work performance more effectively. Our next phase will see the roll out of the online/offline working capabilities as well as the new short audit available in V3 of the system.”

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue

John Hewitt, Deputy Chief Executive

“The Service was most impressed by the sector specific development and substantial integration that Infographics have achieved. All organisations are striving for greater value for money from their investments and we are convinced that by working in partnership with Infographics we will achieve greater process and efficiency improvements.”

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