FireWatch Projects

Mid and West Wales

FireWatch Human Resource Management and Cloud Managed Services

Mid and West Wales deploy FireWatch human resource management and a Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Package from Infographics to help underpin business change through their Transformation 2020 Programme.


Business Process Outsourcing

Capita, the technology-enabled business process outsourcing specialists, use our FireWatch solution to manage core operations and IT arrangements for clients in the UK Fire and Rescue Service. Capita is a global organisation employing around 75,000 staff.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue - Prevention & Protection

Prevention and Protection

Bedfordshire has selected our Prevent + Protect solution, our specialist case, customer relationship and task management software for Prevention & Protection teams. This Web-enabled application supports activities such as commercial audits, residential visits, 'safe & well', petrol licensing, and other job types. It can be used for mobile working on portable devices and enable offline/online synchronisation of work.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue - Prevention & Protection

Fire Prevention and Protection Case Management

Lincolnshire FRS has deployed our Fire Prevent + Protect solution in order to deliver a single case and customer relationship management system for domestic and commercial fire safety teams - and support the Service in meeting and exceeding risk and prevention targets. Read more

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